Dating system xoops

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You can create your own room, or use one of the many rooms we have here. Angels Exotic Dreams and Twisted Angel have merged to bring you the ultimate fashion/fantasy palace. Drop by and say hello to owner Angel of Angels Exotic Dreams and owner Crystal of Twisted Angel! All avs welcome Palace Address: 'Prop Strip Mall' Palace opens its doors to the public... We host many clans..will like to host yours too ; D...

We got Avs, Apts, Clans, Games, Music, Weddings, And more to come. If you really want 'page to have a house or apartment of your own! We are loaded with friendly staff, 2 full prop guides, prop drops, apts, beach houses, dance club, movie theatre, romantic rooms for couples, international rooms for german and turkish users, exciting chat rooms, beautiful scenery including the most detailed weddings you have ever experienced complete with hall, reception, priest, photographer, limo, and honeymoon. This mall is specifically for those interested in "prop shopping". We're currently hiring, if you're interested please pay us a visit...;) Palace Address: Majestic Enchantment..

Palace Address: The Brothel is open to all ages and we are currently hiring for wiz positions if you are 18 .

No firm date on when they will be back online at this time. come to the palace and check out the website and to fill out a form for what you would like.

If you have ever visited Mystic Illusions and wondered what happened to it, the answer is, we started a brand new pally which is much better than last time.

Palace Address: cx:9998 Forgotten Lies, a new pally where people of all ages can just chill and hangout.

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We have an RP area,new and original bg's and avatars and a freindly staff. Of course people we see frequenting the pally more will be first in line for positions, so come get aqcuainted with the staff and guests and put in ya app. The backgrounds at the pally are awesome, and you anime lovers out there will like them.